Sunrise Dedication

Day 1 Sunrise.jpg



Sunrise. I LOVE a beautiful sunrise. After Lachlan died, I would imagine that all those glorious sunrises were him and God painting the sky together, sending me little glimpses of hope and love. Maybe I love a sunrise so much because it comes first thing in the morning, before all the busyness of the day has crept in, and there’s a peace that has yet to be disturbed. Maybe it’s in the new hope of the fresh day that comes with each sunrise. Maybe it’s just the beauty that reminds me that God is always there, always constant, always good despite the struggles in life.

It’s interesting though, that the most breathtaking sunrises don’t come on the crystal clear days--they come when there are clouds in the sky. The trick is just finding a way to let a little light through the clouds and to allow that light to be reflected and magnified. The very clouds that at first appear to be an obstruction, instead bring about a fullness and inspire the beauty of the sunrise. 
In the darkest moments of grief, sometimes its just a matter of waiting for the sun to begin to rise. While the darkness will fade, there are clouds of grief that will always remain. Clouds of wondering what might have been, the ache of missing someone who belongs in your arms, clouds of learning to live without someone who you’ve loved more than life itself. It is in how we allow the light to shine through those clouds that creates a beauty to behold, peace, joy, and a life that is, again, truly worth living. Some of the most amazing people I know are those who have suffered tremendously and have still found a way to let a little the light shine through the clouds…and that is exactly what makes them so beautiful. 
There is hope in the beauties that life can bring, even after the unimaginable loss of a child. That’s what I really want new grievers to know…that while they may be in the darkness where it’s hard to see the light, a new day, new sunrise, new beauty, new hope, and new joy will come if you’re willing to allow it.

Sunrise in Summerset, SD, USA.