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Bereaved Parents Support Group in Rapid City

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The next session led by Tara Mitchell will start May 4th!

In the companionship of others who have experienced the death of a child, we will work through some grief materials by Dr. Alan Wolfelt.  These materials are being generously gifted by the Hospice House to those who attend the group.

Having a companion (or a group of them) can be a profound source of healing in the wilderness of grief.

Please call 605-755-7729 or email lachslegacy@gmail.com to reserve your spot!

"Spend time in the company of people who affirm your need to mourn yet at the same time give you hope for healing.  People who are empathetic, non-judgemental, good listeners and who model positive, optimistic ways of being the world will be your best grief companions.-Alan Wolfelt

This is the hope and healing that we aim to provide!

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Construction starting soon!

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We are super excited to announce that we have received our building permit for the first phase of our construction project; transforming an existing Morton building into a guest house for the Retreat Center. Very soon, the sweet sound of hammers and saws will be filling the air on the acreage. By the end of 2018, this space should be available to start serving those in our communities that have experienced the loss of a child.

As we begin the construction phase, we humbly ask you to consider how your gifts, talents, and efforts may help bring this vision to completion quickly. It may be a financial contribution to ensure the long-term success of this ministry, a portion of the supplies that are needed to construct the project, or your time and talents in the actual building process. We invite you to make a donation online at 
www.healinghopes.com or by mailing a check to Healing Hope Ministries at 30185 475th Ave, Alcester, SD 57001. 

It is such an exciting time for Healing Hope Ministries and we can’t thank you enough for your support in helping establish this Retreat Center. If you have any questions, you can reach me at 605-201-4261 or email me at 

Thank you and God bless!!
Karri & Denny Allen 


Run for Their Lives!

Have your baby remembered during one of our events:  
Run for Their Lives in Spearfish on Mother's Day or
Walk Run Race for Their Lives in Harrisburg in June

Email LachsLegacy@gmail.com for more information
Spearfish Registration is open: Click Here to register
Harrisburg Registration is open: Click Here to register



Request a Care Package

Did you or someone you know experience the unexpected death of a baby?  This is a free resource to South Dakota families.

Make a Request Here