Creative Heartwork

I’ve found a few little creative outlets to help memorialize Lach. There is some comfort in having something physical to note that he was here. I have done a memorial garden, which is starting to fill in quite nicely. We planted some giant sunflowers that are almost ready to cut down so the boys can play with their sunflower-stalk-swords…I bet my 9 year old boy would have really loved that. Lach’s Legacy is one of my creative outlets to memorialize him.
Tattoos are something you find that many bereaved parents get and know that they want very shortly after the death of a child. It becomes a permanent visible piece of you to note the permanent piece of you that is no longer visible.
A dragonfly seemed like an appropriate choice for my tattoo. I wanted something that was a visible reminder that he is still near…he is just above the surface. It needed to be in a place where I could see it well. It is more for me than for anyone else. I wanted Lach’s initials included, but didn’t need it to be super-obvious that it is a memorial tattoo. We also had a miscarriage before Lach was born, and the little dragonfly is to note that little soul’s brief presence in our lives too.

Day 11 Creative Heartwork.jpg