Beautiful Mysteries

Day 8-Beautiful Mysteries.jpg

This prompt is designed with the intent to imagine who your child would be now and to tell a beautiful story about that. I always wonder what Lach would love to do, who his friends would be, how he would interact with his siblings, and what his personality features would be. It is a mystery, but I don’t know if I’d classify those daydreams as a beautiful mystery. They are always laced with the ache of not knowing for sure.

However, conjuring up ideas of what our glorious reunion will be like in heaven—that is a beautiful mystery. I’ve read lots of books on heaven and people’s near death experiences. I wanted and needed to know what “home” is like for my boy. It’s amazing how from so many different authors and experiences, the overwhelming peace and joy is a common thread to all of them. As a family, we often imagine what it will be like when we get there. We always get to hug Lachlan. We’ll see the room God and Lachlan have prepared for us. Together we might go for a ride in a kangaroo’s pouch, sit on a lion’s back, hold St. Michael’s sword, tumble in the soft grass without getting hurt, enjoy new and improved bodies, look into Jesus’ eyes and sit in the presence of God. No death. No pain. No crying. No tears. Ever. It’s hard to imagine, but I’m told it’s true. That’s a beautiful mystery. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.