Lachlan Jon Edwards
June 21, 2007-May 12, 2008

When Lachlan was born, he brought with him a lifetime of hopes and dreams.  We loved to see our little family grow, so proud of our two little boys.  We couldn't wait to watch a friendship develop between these brothers and had fun watching the boys interact with each other. We glowed watching Lachlan meet all of his milestones.  At 10.5 months, he was walking along the furniture, learning animal sounds, loved playing peek-a-boo and ball.  His smile made the room brighter.  Our hearts were so full!  

And then...

One May day, I got the call that every parent fears the most.  Lachlan had been napping at daycare and was found not breathing.  EMT's were called immediately, but nothing could be done to revive our precious boy. 

We were sent into the tailspin of grief.  To have someone so precious torn from our lives so suddenly, I searched desperately sources of comfort.  I found that locating good resources in South Dakota was not easy to do, and I really had to actively search for things to help me in my grief.  I learned that, for myself, connecting with other families who had experienced a similar loss brought a kind of comfort that nothing else could.  I couldn't stand the idea that other families would experience a sudden and unexpected death of a baby and be left in the loneliness of that loss to find their own sources of comfort and to trudge through their grief alone.  And so Lach's Legacy was born.  First to work in preventing families from ever having to experience this tragedy, and second to provide a warm embrace of comfort in the wake of the unimaginable. 

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